What size air fryer do I need – large or small air fryer?

Do you have a question, what size Air Fryer do I need?

This is a short article you need to research! After reading this helpful article and learning the pros and cons of different fryer sizes, you’ll be able to answer exactly what size Air Fryer I need, large or small.

There are a lot of offers in the market.

There are a huge number of offers on the market right now to buy air fryers of different sizes. You can easily choose between a really small and compact air fryer for one or two people, or a air fryer with a larger capacity, thanks to which you can feed a family of five or seven people, prepare food for family gatherings or parties. In order to determine the size of the air fryer, you need to pay attention to the size of the basket. Thus, if the air fryer has the ability to use a large capacity frying basket, you can easily determine the size of the air fryer as well. Nowadays, some air fryer models additionally have rounded baskets that take up much less space and also hold even more food for cooking various dishes.

Small Air Fryers.

Small air fryers usually have a capacity of 1.5 to 2.5 square feet. They can fit perfectly in a small kitchen, a bedroom or even a work office because they are compact and take up little space. Generally, compact air fryers can cook one or three servings for one or two people. Given that air fryers are small, they can be easily and conveniently transferred if you’re going to take them on a trip or put them away elsewhere altogether if you don’t want to use them at the moment.


Large Air Fryers.

Generally speaking, large size air fryers range in size from 5 qt to 10 qt. They are great if you want to prepare food for your large family or party. These family air fryers are usually large for frying, so there should be enough space in your kitchen to use them all the time. They usually come with basket dividers that allow you to cook several different dishes at the same time without mixing them together.

Here we bring to your attention some models of air fryers with different capacities and all the necessary information about them.




The very first air fryer we are about to review corresponds to the family size air fryer. In fact, it was created courtesy of Farberware. This Farberware air fryer is 6 qt in size, which is great for five to six people. In fact, this model combines the functions of an air fryer and an oven, in order to offer you a much better as well as faster end result of cooking your favorite foods.

You will get a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can easily be used for baking different foods, grilling, toasting and frying foods. Every meal cooked with this 6 square foot air fryer will definitely have 80 percent less fat because you won’t be adding any extra fats or oils. In addition, the food will cook 30 percent faster than with a standard stove, which is great for active and busy people. In order to use this large capacity air fryer, the manufacturers have installed a large digital display that is very easy and convenient to use. You will certainly get 8 pre-programmed settings to help you cook certain dishes. However, you can also cook your favorite dish using the different temperature and time settings of the touch screen display as you wish.

This model has a large window that allows you to watch your food cooking without having to open the air fryer door. This helps keep a lot of heat inside the air fryer, which naturally speeds up the cooking process. Additionally, you’re sure to get 5 accessories, which include a pair of air racks and the original rotating fry basket.


Combination of air fryer and oven.

8 preset programs.

Large window on the door


Large size.


The next fryer we want to look at is the Power Air Fryer XL brand. The Power Air Fryer comes in several sizes that range from the smallest to the largest so that everyone can find the most perfect one for themselves.

This model has a capacity of 3.4 qt, which is enough to cook food for a family of 2-3 people. With this air fryer, you, can easily and quickly cook fries, chicken, fish, vegetables and more without too much added oil. Even if you have never used this kitchen appliance, you will still be able to make a huge number of dishes healthier and tastier.

This air fryer has the ability to replace many other household cooking appliances. With the rapid circulation of hot air coming from all directions, food is cooked faster in time than in an oven. This cooking technology also allows foods to have a crispy golden crust with an incredible roasted flavor and a tender, juicy texture inside the product. Because of these features, many people love using it to cook a variety of dishes. The roasting basket has a non-stick coating, which makes it very easy and simple to clean after cooking. Each of the other components of the air fryer are just as dishwasher safe to clean.

This model has a modern touch screen where you can set the temperature, time and cooking power. The power can be set to 1500 or 1700 watts. The highest temperature that can be set in this portable air  fryer is 400 degrees. After the set cooking time runs out, this air  fryer will turn off on its own so that your food is not prone to overcooking and burning.


Enough for 2 to 3 people.

Nonstick coated basket.

Power is 1500 or even 1700 watts.


Low power


Another air  fryer we want to stop your attention on is the Power  XL Air Fryer 7 QT. This model is a large 7 qt and is actually a mixture of an air fryer and an air oven. This version can replace your regular stove, air fryer with a grill, as well as a microwave and pizza grill. This way, not only will you save part of your home kitchen, but also a lot of money.

With its own 7 square foot capacity, this is one of the family’s favorite air fryer models. You’ll get up to 10 servings with this capacity, which is a lot more when compared to some other versions.

The fryer uses hotter and faster airflow than ever before to create the crispiest crust and mouthwatering flavor with a soft and juicy texture inside the food.

Your food cooked with this deep fryer is sure to have 70 percent less fat, along with fewer calories. It uses 1,700 watts of quick blast technology and also includes a digital LED display with 7 preset one-touch cooking programs. You can also set the temperature yourself up to a maximum of 400 F levels.

The seven-liter non-stick frying basket can be easily removed, making it much easier to clean this rather large air fryer. It comes with a cookbook with simple recipes for making a variety of dishes and cooking tips for beginners.


A mix of air fryer and oven

Power 7 qt.

Easy to clean.


Large size.

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This air fryer product is actually a well-known brand called Philips. Philips air fryer sizes are known to be offered from tiny to medium as well as large. This particular version has a capacity of 2.75 qt, which is actually great for 2 or 3 people. It has a standard black color that will very easily fit into almost any type of kitchen area decor.

It uses Rapid Air technology, which circulates hot air quickly and accurately around the metal basket for perfect cooking results. You can use little or no oil for frying, baking, and grilling, resulting in 75% less fat in the finished product.

This compact air fryer has a star design on the bottom that ensures even cooking. It uses 1,425 watts of power and must be connected to a 110-volt power source. The mini air fryer has a removable non-stick drawer, as well as a food basket that is very easy to clean in the dishwasher. This way, you’ll eliminate the need to dispense deep fried food matched to a regular sky air fryer.

When you buy this compact Phillips air fryer, you’ll get an exclusive offer to connect Noom’s Healthy Weight Program to your cell phone for free, which will help you live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight forever. You can also use the free 150 different recipes to make a variety of dishes. Using this black air fryer, you’ll additionally get the Quick Reference Guide to the Food and also the actual consumer guide along with every instruction manual you should have.


Rapid Air Innovation.

Fully removable drawer with non-stick coating.

Noom’s Healthy Weight Program is free.


Small size.

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If you’re still pondering the question of what size air fryer I need, this model might really interest you. It’s just like the previous one from the Philips brand and fits into the Philips XL air fryer size type. It has a capacity of 4 qt, which is somewhere between a sore and a small size air fryer, making it the perfect size for a family of three to four people.

You’ll be able to use the family-sized deep fryer for much more than just plain frying meat and fish. You can grill, you can bake vegetables, and you can also make your favorite desserts. Plus, it comes with a free recipe booklet with over 30 great cooking ideas. You can also install the Philips app for more tips, video tutorials and recipes. The Philips Air Fryer basket is big enough to easily hold a whole chicken or 2 pounds of potatoes. You won’t have to wait long to start cooking, as the frying container will heat up within seconds. You’ll also be able to cook with a 60-minute time setting timer and temperatures ranging from 175 to 400 degrees.

The electronic air fryer includes a 1725 Wheater and an electric motor to make sure all the fat from the food accumulates in the fat reducer. You then have the option of simply pouring it out the moment you’re done cooking your food. The frying container has an extra layer of non-stick coating. All removable parts are also dishwasher-safe.


4 qt. power.

Includes Philips app.


High price.

Conclusion: what size air fryer do i need?

Actually, to choose the size of air fryer, you need to determine for yourself how many people you are going to cook food for. Considering that there are actually many sizes of air fryer in terms of size, it is really hard to choose the most effective model. Nevertheless, if you want a high quality air fryer that has a medium capacity, we suggest the Phillips Twin TurboStar 4 kw capacity. If you don’t have the space for a air fryer of this size, look for mini fryers or fryers with a compact concept. That’s all the information we have prepared for you about the absolute best air fryers.

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